A software development team needs to analyse / assess the impact of a proposed change to a specific module of a financial software application.


The system’s analysability requirement will be considered met when the following precise metrics are achieved:

Change Impact Assessment Time: The team should be able to assess the impact of the proposed change within 2 hours of reviewing the relevant documentation and source code.

Code Comment Density: The code for the affected module should have a minimum code comment density of 20%, ensuring that code documentation is sufficiently detailed.

Dependency Mapping: The system should provide a visual dependency map of the module, indicating all dependencies on other components. The map should be generated within 5 minutes of requesting it.

Change Simulation: The system should offer a simulation tool that allows the team to simulate the proposed change’s impact on the module’s behavior. The simulation should complete within 10 minutes and provide clear results.

Source: This scenario has been created with help from ChatGPT by using the prompt create a quality scenario to describe an analysability requirement.