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We stand with the people of Ukraine

Please assist humanitarian efforts for the Ukrainian people and those affected by the military invasion of Ukraine by supporting international aid organizations, including the International Committee of the Red Cross.


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About me

Gernot, avatar


  • happily married with two (grown-up) kids and a few cats in Cologne, Germany,
  • fellow at INNOQ,
  • quite busy coaching and consulting medium and large-scale enterprises on topics around software architecture and methodical software engineering,
  • co-founder and maintainer of arc42, the template for pragmatic and systematic software architecture documentation,
  • founder of aim42, the open-source framework for systematic software architecture improvement,
  • active member and working group lead within the International Software Architecture Qualification Board, iSAQB,
  • regular speaker at IT-conferences,
  • author and co-author of more than a dozen books on software architecture, patterns, arc, and the like. I’m really sorry - most of these books are written in German. Take a look at Leanpub for some of my English books.
  • author of quite a few articles


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