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flowchart LR classDef level1 font-size:30px,font-weight:bold classDef level2 font-size:20px,font-weight:bold root[[ISO 25010
-2023]] click root "/articles/iso-25010-update-2023" class root level1 root --- func(3.1 Functional suitablility
#suitable) root --- perf(3.2 Performance efficiency) root --- compa(3.3 Compatibility) root --- intcap(3.4 Interaction capability) root --- relia(3.5 Reliability) root --- sec(3.6 Security) root --- maint(3.7 Maintainability) root --- flex(3.8 Flexibility) root --- safe(3.9 Safety) click func "/qualities/functional-suitability" click perf "/qualities/performancey" click compa "/qualities/compatibility" click intcap "/qualities/interaction-capability" click relia "/qualities/reliability" click sec "/qualities/security" click maint "/qualities/maintainability" click flex "/qualities/flexibility" click safe "/qualities/safety" class func,perf,compa,intcap,relia,sec,maint,flex,safe level2 func --- fcomp([3.1.1 Functional completeness]) func --- fcorr([3.1.2 Functional correctness]) func --- fappr([3.1.3 Functional appropriateness]) click fcomp "/qualities/functional-completeness" click fcorr "/qualities/functional-correctness" click fappr "/qualities/functional-appropriateness" perf --- time([3.2.1 Time behaviour]) perf --- resutil([3.2.2 Resource utilization]) perf --- capa([3.2.3 Capacity]) click time "/qualities/time-behaviour" click resutil "/qualities/resource-utilization" click capa "/qualities/capacity" compa --- coex([3.3.1 Co-existence]) compa --- interop([3.3.2 Interoperability]) click coex "/qualities/co-existence" click interop "/qualities/interoperability" intcap --- apprec([3.4.1 Appropriateness recognizability]) intcap --- learn([3.4.2 Learnability]) intcap --- opera([3.4.3 Operability]) intcap --- uerrprot([3.4.4 User error protection]) intcap --- uengage([3.4.5 User engagement]) intcap --- inclusiv([3.4.6 Inclusivity]) intcap --- uass([3.4.7 User assistance]) intcap --- selfdesc([3.4.8 Self-descriptiveness]) click apprec "/qualities/appropriateness-recognizability" click learn "/qualities/learnability" click opera "/qualities/operability" click uerrprot "/qualities/user-error-protection" click uengage "/qualities/user-engagement" click inclusiv "/qualities/inclusivity" click uass "/qualities/user-assistance" click selfdesc "/qualities/self-descriptiveness" relia --- faultles([3.5.1 Faultlessness]) relia --- avail([3.5.2 Availability]) relia --- faulttol([3.5.3 Fault tolerance]) relia --- recover([3.5.4 Recoverability]) click faultles "/qualities/faultlessness" click avail "/qualities/availability" click faulttol "/qualities/fault-tolerance" click recover "/qualities/recoverability" sec --- conf([3.6.1 Confidentiality]) sec --- int([3.6.2 Integrity]) sec --- nonrep([3.6.3 Non-repudiation]) sec --- acc([3.6.4 Accountability]) sec --- auth([3.6.5 Authenticity]) sec --- res([3.6. Resistance]) click conf "/qualities/confidentiality" click int "/qualities/integrity" click nonrep "/qualities/non-repudiation" click acc "/qualities/accountability" click auth "/qualities/authenticity" click res "/qualities/resistance" maint --- modul([3.7.1 Modularity]) maint --- reuse([3.7.2 Reusability]) maint --- analyze([3.7.3 Analysability]) maint --- modify([3.7.4 Modifiability]) maint --- test([3.7.5 Testability]) click modul "/qualities/modularity" click reuse "/qualities/reusability" click analyze "/qualities/analysability" click modify "/qualities/modifiability" click test "/qualities/testability" flex --- adapt([3.8.1 Adaptability]) flex --- scale([3.8.2 Scalability]) flex --- install([3.8.3 Installability]) flex --- replace([3.8.4 Replaceability]) click adapt "/qualities/adaptability" click scale "/qualities/scalability" click install "/qualities/installability" click replace "/qualities/replaceability" safe --- opconst([3.9.1 Operational constraint]) safe --- riskid([3.9.2 Risk identification]) safe --- failsafe([3.9.3 Fail safe]) safe --- hazwarn([3.9.4 Hazard warning]) safe --- safeint([3.9.5 Safe integration]) click opconst "/qualities/operational-constraint" click riskid "/qualities/risk-identification" click failsafe "/qualities/fail-safe" click hazwarn "/qualities/hazard-warning" click safeint "/qualities/safe-integration"