Bass et. al: Software Architecture in Practice

Len Bass, Paul Clements, Rick Kazman: Software Architecture in Practice. 4th Edition, Addison Wesley 2022.

Boehm et al: Quantitative Evaluation of Software Quality

B. W. Boehm, J. R. Brown and M. Lipow: Quantitative evaluation of software quality.

ICSE ‘76: Proceedings of the 2nd international conference on Software engineeringOctober 1976 Pages 592–605, available online

From the abstract:

A definitive hierarchy of well-defined, well-differentiated characteristics of software quality is developed. Its higher-level structure reflects the actual uses to which software quality evaluation would be put; its lower-level characteristics are closely correlated with actual software metric evaluations which can be performed.

Please note: Boehm’s quality model is often (wrongly) dated to a 1978 publication, but in reality the authors published it 1976.

Crosby: Quality is Free

Philip B. Crosby: Quality is Free: The Art of Making Quality Certain. McGraw Hill Books, 1994.

Eeles, Peter: Capturing Architectural Requirements,

IBM Developerworks 2005, available via

Also by this author: Non-functional Requirements

ISO 9241 (v. 2006-2020)

I. O. for Standardization, ISO 9241-110: Ergonomics of human-system interaction - Part 110: Dialogue Principles. ISO, 2020

Online on

ISO 25010 (v. 2011-2017)

ISO/IEC DIS 25010(en): Systems and software engineering — Systems and software Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE) — Product quality model

Online on

ISO 25010 (draft version 2022)

ISO/IEC TS 25052-1:2022(en) Systems and software engineering — Systems and software Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE): Product quality model

Online on

Kazman et. al: Maintainability

Rick Kazman, Phil Bianco, James Ivers and John Klein: Maintainability. SEI Technical Report, December 2020. CMU/SEI-2020-TR-006

McCall/Matsumuto: Software Quality Measurement Manual

Available online

From this document:

The purpose of this manual is to present a complete set of procedures and guidelines for introducing and utilizing current software quality measurement techniques in a quality assurance program associated with large scale software system developments.

These procedures and guidelines will identify:

  1. How to identify and specify software quality requirements (Setting Quality Goals).
  2. How and when to apply software metrics (Applying Metrics), and
  3. How to interpret the information obtained from the application of the metrics (Making a Quality Assessment).”

(thanx to @ichsteffen for pointing out this awesome reference!)

McCall/Cavano: A framework for the measurement of software quality

ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes, Volume 3, Issue 5, November 1978, pp 133–139. Available online

Nice statement:

One problem … is the absence of a widely accepted definition of software quality.

Cavano/McCall, p 133.

NIST Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS)

E. Aroms, ‘NIST special publication 800-94 guide to intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS)’. CreateSpace, 2012.

Available online

Robertson: Mastering the Requirements Process

Suzanne Robertson and James Robertson: Mastering the Requirements Process - Getting Requirements Right. Pearson, 3rd edition 2012.

Gernot Starke, Alexander Lorz: Software Architecture Foundations

CPSA-F Exam Preparation. VanHaren Publishing, 2021

Volere Requirements Specification Template

Suzanne and James Robertson, detailed information online on