Abstract: In November 2023 an updated version of the ISO 25010 standard on software product quality was released. This article describes the major changes and some (still) open issues.


First, consider the structure of the old version from 2011:


In our post on the shortcomings of the ISO-25010:2011 we complained about the missing safety top-level requirements. At least that glitch has been fixed in the 2023-version:


Please observe some major differences:

  • safety has been added (yeah, great!)
  • usability has been renamed to interaction capability. Might be a matter of taste.
  • portability has been renamed to flexibility.

And, to quote the official website:

  • Inclusivity and self-descriptiveness, resistance, and scalability have been added as subcharacteristics of interaction capability, security, and flexibility respectively.
  • User interface aesthetics and maturity have been replaced with user engagement and faultlessness respectively.
  • Accessibility has been split into inclusivity and user assistance.

ISO-25010:2023(en) website

Here is the detailed overview:

ISO-25010-v2023 complete overview