A user interacts with a mobile application’s user interface (UI) to perform a common task, such as creating an account or making a purchase.


The appearance requirement will be considered met when the following precise metrics are achieved:

Visual Consistency: Across the entire application, all user interface elements, including buttons, text fields, and icons, should maintain a consistent visual style. This consistency should be visually assessed, and it should be confirmed that at least 95% of UI elements adhere to the established style guide.

Color Scheme Compliance: The application’s color scheme, as defined in the style guide, should be correctly implemented. This includes background colors, text colors, and accent colors. Compliance should be verified using automated tools, with no more than 5% deviation from the specified color codes.

Text Legibility: All text displayed in the application should be legible and meet accessibility standards. The font size, contrast ratios, and line spacing should comply with accessibility guidelines such as WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.0. Automated accessibility testing tools should confirm that 100% of text elements meet these criteria.

Image Resolution: All images and icons should be displayed in their intended resolution and aspect ratio. Automated testing should ensure that 100% of images are rendered without distortion or pixelation.

Responsive Design: The application’s appearance should adapt seamlessly to various screen sizes and orientations. Testing on multiple devices and screen sizes should confirm that the UI layout remains visually appealing and functional. No critical layout issues should be observed on at least 95% of devices tested.

Loading Times: The application’s UI elements, including images and graphics, should load within acceptable timeframes. Precise loading times should be defined for each UI element (e.g., main screen, product images) and should not exceed 3 seconds for any individual element. Automated performance testing should validate compliance.

Source: This scenario has been created with help from ChatGPT by using the prompt create a quality scenario to describe an appearance requirement.