A person with a visual impairment using a screen reader.


The user wants to navigate and interact with a web application.


Web application


The user accesses the web application in a standard web browser, using the latest version of a popular screen reader.

Response Measure

Navigation: At least 95% of all interactive elements (e.g., links, buttons, form fields) should be navigable and identifiable using the screen reader.

Content: At least 98% of all content, including text, images (with alt attributes), videos (with captions), etc., should be accessible and consumable using the screen reader.

Interactivity: Users should be able to interact with 95% of web application’s functionality, such as submitting forms, without encountering any accessibility barriers.

Feedback: All messages, errors, and notifications should be clearly announced to the screen reader with 99% accuracy.

Load time: Despite any accessibility enhancements, page load times should not exceed 3 seconds for 90% of page loads, ensuring that the accessibility features don’t negatively impact performance.

Compliance: The application should meet WCAG 2.1 Level AA standard criteria. Automated testing tools should report zero non-compliance issues, and manual testing should identify no more than 2 issues per page.

Source: This scenario has been created with help from ChatGPT by using the prompt Please generate a quality attribute scenario for accessibility compliance with WCAG 2.1 with precise metrics.