• Product Description: A browser-based online banking application.
  • Intended User Base: Banking customers who manage their accounts primarily online.
  • Features include account balance viewing, funds transfer, bill payments, account statements, and customer support access.


A user wants to make a bill payment to a new payee, which involves adding the payee’s details (like account number, e.g. European IBAN), setting up the payment amount, and confirming the transaction via any second-factor authentication.


  • Task Streamlining: The application should guide the user through a simplified process of adding a new payee and completing the payment.
  • User Interface Optimization: The interface should be intuitive, minimizing the need for user input and reducing the likelihood of errors.
  • Transaction Efficiency and Convenience: The process should be quicker and more convenient compared to traditional methods (e.g., branch visits, phone calls).


  • Step Reduction: The number of user interactions (clicks and data entries) required to add a new payee and complete a payment shall be below 6 keyboard interactions.
  • Completion Time: The average time taken by users to complete the bill payment process from login to confirmation should require less than 2 minutes.
  • Error Rate: Percentage of transactions that result in errors or user-initiated corrections needs to be lower than 2%.