Stimulus: A user submits a request to access personal data stored in the system.

Environment: System operates in compliance with privacy and data protection regulations.

Response: The system should maintain a detailed audit log of all user actions, including data access, modification, and deletion, along with associated timestamps and user identifiers. This log should be tamper-proof, accessible only to authorized personnel, and retained for a minimum of five years.

Background: In this scenario, the accountability requirement is described for a system that stores personal data and operates in compliance with privacy and data protection regulations. When a user requests access to their personal data, the system should respond by maintaining a detailed audit log that captures all user actions related to data access, modification, and deletion. The log should include timestamps and user identifiers, ensuring traceability and accountability for all data-related activities. It should be tamper-proof and accessible only to authorized personnel to prevent unauthorized modifications. Furthermore, the log should be retained for a minimum of five years, aligning with data retention requirements.

By meeting this accountability requirement, the system promotes transparency, facilitates compliance with regulations, and enables the identification and investigation of any unauthorized or suspicious activities related to personal data.

This “requirement” describes a solution approach to accountability.

Source: This scenario has been created with help from ChatGPT by using the prompt create a quality scenario to describe an accountability requirement.