A software development team deploys a new version of a web application to a production environment.


The change failure rate requirement will be considered met when the following precise metrics are achieved over a three-month period:

Successful Deployments: The percentage of successful deployments, where all changes are rolled out without causing production incidents, should be at least 98%.

Severe Incidents: The number of severe incidents directly caused by deployments (e.g., application crashes, data loss) should not exceed 1 per month on average.

Minor Incidents: The number of minor incidents (e.g., non-critical bugs, minor performance issues) directly caused by deployments should not exceed 2 per month on average.

Rollback Rate: The rate of rollbacks due to deployment issues should not exceed 2% of all deployments.

Incident Resolution Time: The average time to resolve deployment-related incidents should not exceed 4 hours for severe incidents and 2 hours for minor incidents.

Customer Complaints: The number of customer complaints related to degraded service or issues caused by deployments should not exceed 1 per month on average.

Source: This scenario has been created with help from ChatGPT by using the prompt create a quality scenario to describe a change-failure-rate requirement.