Overall goal: Reduce and control jitter in the real-time streaming of data.

Stimulus: Continuous transmission of real-time data (from sensors) over a network,.

Environment: Operational phase under standard network conditions.

Response: The system handles variations in delay of data packet delivery.

Response Measure:

  • The variance in delay between data packets (jitter) should not exceed 5 milliseconds for 95% of the transmitted packets
  • In instances where jitter exceeds this threshold, the system should employ buffering mechanisms to smooth the data flow, ensuring that the effective jitter experienced by the end-user remains below 7 milliseconds
  • The system must detect and log instances of high jitter (above 5 milliseconds) in real-time, triggering alerts for the technical team when such instances exceed 5% of the total packets in any 10-minute window
  • During peak load times, the allowable jitter can increase to a maximum of 10 milliseconds, but such instances should not exceed 2% of the total packets transmitted in a 24-hour period.