User trying to accomplish a primary task in the application.


User attempts to use a feature of the software for its intended purpose.


The software is operational, running on its standard platform in a typical use-case setting.


The specific feature or function within the software system that the user is interacting with.


The software provides functionality that allows the user to achieve the desired outcome without any unnecessary steps or interactions.

Response Measure:

Success Rate: 95% of users are able to complete the desired task using the feature on their first attempt.

Efficiency: The average time taken by users to accomplish the task using the feature should not exceed 2 minutes.

Extraneous Steps: Users should not have to undertake more than N necessary steps to achieve the intended outcome, where N is the minimal logical number of steps for that task.

User Feedback: Post-interaction, at least 90% of users should rate their experience with the feature as “Intuitive” or “Very Easy” on a feedback scale.