Easy to:

  • build (compile, package)
  • install, deploy
  • configure
  • operate, monitor, supervise, control
  • decommission

Deployability is a…

Measure of cost, time or process effectiveness for a deployment, for a series of deployments over time.

Bass et al., 2021

Typical Acceptance Criteria

Scenario Response Measures for “Deployability” from [Bass et al.]

Bass et al. define deployability as a property, and somehow omit other operational characteristics.

Cost in terms of

  • Number, size and complexity of affected artifacts
  • Average/worst-case effort
  • Elapsed clock or calendar time
  • Money (direct outlay or opportunity cost)
  • New defects introduced

Extend to which this deployment affects other functions or quality attributes.

  • Number of failed deployments
  • Repeatability of the process
  • Traceability of the process
  • Cycle time of the process

Bass et al., 2021

What Stakeholders mean by operable

Stakeholder (potential) Expectation for operable
User -
Product-Owner -
Management * appropriate operational costs
* appropriate licensing cost for required 3rd party software, like database, middleware
Developer * automated test and build
* appropriate automation of deployments
* appropriate similarity of development and production environments
Tester -
Admin * easy to build and deploy
* appropriate monitoring facilities
* appropriate procedures for crisis management in place
* appropriate management of credentials required
Domain-Expert -
Others -

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